A pro-equality, pro-worker, anti-poverty campaign for a better welfare state in Australia.

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In the 90s, Keating's Labor government created the retirement system we know today as superannuation, or "super". Labor and the union movement spend a lot of time and energy supporting and promoting super.

There's just one problem: Super is very bad.

Endorsements/stories wanted

Our goal is to change minds on super. You can help with that by endorsing Workers Against Super and our plan for change, or just by telling us your story.

Everybody's story is valuable, no matter who you are (anonymous stories are fine).

We particularly want to change minds within the labour movement, so we'd especially like to hear from those with leadership/prominence/influence in the the Labor party and affiliated unions.

We'd also like to hear from:

  • Ordinary people who have been failed by super, and are worried about their retirement.
  • People who work in the super industry and realize it's bullshit.

To tell us your story, or endorse our plans for fixing super, just fill in our contact form.